About Me

My name is Sarah Roberts and I am a 34 year old mum of three, I first started pole fitness at home (self-taught) in 2008 I then joined pole fitness classes in telford where I was asked by the instructor if I was interested in teaching with her, I went to telford college of arts and technology and passed my etm and taught pole fitness in telford for several years.


In august 2014 I had the opportunity to advance my skills and knowledge on pole by taking part and passing expert training (run by xpole, world’s leading pole manufacturers) level 1 & 2 which I am now qualified and certified to teach which I cover market Drayton, Shrewsbury and soon to be telford again. “I live, love and dream of pole!!!”


Over the years I have battled with my weight ranging from nearly 14 stone down to 6 & a half stone, and I have tried many different forms of exercise but I get bored too easily… this has not been the case with pole! I love it more today than I did yesterday! “pole is my healthy addiction” pole can be for anyone and everyone as it is becoming increasingly more excepted as a form of exercise, women, men and even children are now practising pole fitness. “Release your inner goddess”


There are many different styles of pole which I like to embrace many! And I have taught all sorts of shapes, sizes, races, genders, and ages from all different walks of life, it really can be for anyone!


The benefits of pole fitness: so many to list so here are a few… pole fitness will physically increase your fitness, stamina, flexibility, muscle tone & coordination whilst mentally increasing your confidence and self-esteem not forgetting that it will release your “happy endorphins” pole has come a long way since I started back in 2008…. there are new tricks being created almost daily so this is always something new to try!


I am friends with over 4000 pole dancers worldwide and I am happy to be within this community of pole addicts beginners pole fitness classes in market Drayton on a Tuesday at 1pm, 6pm and 7pm intermediate/advanced pole fitness classes in Shrewsbury at high aerial studio Sundays at 5pm and Wednesdays at 8.15pm more classes coming soon!!!!!! Market Drayton classes are small (6 to a full class) which is better for those that are worried…. but fear not! We are all on a pole journey and we all have our hang ups….


It’s such a light hearted atmosphere and I wouldn’t tolerate any bullying or hostile behaviour… friendly is the key! Pole class do’s & don’ts please remove all rings off fingers and toes as they scratch the poles. Consumption of alcohol before or during your class is strictly prohibited. On the day of your class it is strongly advised that you do not use any body lotions or potions on your skin, as this will affect your grip.


All participants must be aged 18 years of age or older (ages of 16-18 are allowed with parental or guardian permission.) classes are to be paid in advance to secure your spot for the following week. if you cannot attend class then you must give at least 24 hours’ notice, failure to do so and you will lose your deposit (this also applies to those that don’t show up), so please give as much notice as you possibly can. (Spaces are limited to 6 people per class…. if people book and don’t turn up then I lose money which is why deposits are essential!!)


Students are asked not to ‘spectate’ as this can be intimidating and can cause distraction to other students. Your attire must be suitable for class. No nudity is allowed. Dark coloured fitted vest tops/ t-shirts with well fitted “booty” shorts are recommended. Shoes are permitted but barefoot is recommended.


Students must not intimidate other students or the instructor with their behaviour, language or lack of support. Bullying is not tolerated. Photography is allowed but please ensure no other student can be seen in the shot. Students must not ‘pole hog’ I use a strict ‘2 to a pole’ policy to give you more pole time. If you are sharing a pole please be fair. Have fun and pole safely


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